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Jul 21


am I the only one who really wants a friend who you can casually makeout with and couple cosplay and act like a couple and stuff and it wouldn’t be weird for either of you even though you were just friends and that it wouldn’t be awkward for either of you the next day?? AM I THE ONLY ONE???

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Okay but Never Gonna Give You Up (better known as Rickroll) is actually a really really horrible song for many reasons, which I will better explain under the cut. 

Brace yourselves, this is pretty long.

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Jul 18


Sometimes I think you like getting hit…





Soooo. Bucky arrived on the scene pretty quickly, swooping in to save the day with the casual sort of pragmatism that comes from having done so many, many a time. Now, the movie hasn’t even started yet, Steve’s supposed to be inside and NOT getting in fights, but Bucky’s clearly not surprised to a: find him in an alley and b: getting his ass kicked, which suggests he’s either made it a habit to check all side alleys for Steve on principle…or, my new favorite head canon…

Steve has no idea how well liked he is. Not a damn clue. It would be funny if his lack of self worth wasn’t so depressing, but everyone likes Steve. The cook who works the late shift at the bar, the old lady upstairs who helps Steve with his groceries as much as he helps her…even their landlord likes Steve and most folks don’t even think that guy has a heart let alone knows how to use it.

But yes, everyone likes him. And they worry. He’s such a nice guy, such a good guy, but he’s always putting his neck out for other people…always paying the price for it. He’s proud, too. Won’t accept help and won’t back down just because it is the easier, safer thing to do. 

So his friends and neighbors have devised their own little way of keeping an eye on him. First sign of trouble, someone finds Barnes. Bucky’s the only person Steve ever allows to help him, which is more down to the fact that Barnes doesn’t ever take no for an answer than anything else.

So when the guy who owns the deli across the street from the theatre spots the fight unfolding, he sends his kitchen boy in search of Bucky. It’s not a fail-proof system, it has it’s kinks, especially now Barnes has been drafted, but for the most part it works and Barnes will either tumble out of a cab or sprint onto the scene armed with righteous fury and a rather wicked left hook.

tldr: basically I just want the citizens of Brooklyn to have developed some kind of smoke signal/semaphore type way of alerting Bucky to the fact that ‘HE’S DOING IT AGAIN, COME QUICK!’

Nuuuuuu ….

Now consider that system being passed on through generations … when Steve revisits his old neighborhood in Brooklyn, he meets the landlord’s grandson, who married the flowershop lady’s granddaughter, and they show him this old scrapbook the flowershop lady kept and its full of clippings about Captain America, Steve, Bucky, the Howling Commandos, and on the last page of the scrapbook, there’s a hand-drawn image of two men holding hands in heaven, with the caption, Now they’re looking out for each other in Heaven.  God Bless Captain Rogers, God Bless Sergeant Barnes.

Jul 11


"Search and destroy the one that hurt you. "

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Jul 10

Because nobody deserves to feel alone.


Because nobody deserves to feel alone.

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Jun 28

I was supposed to be productive today, but I ended up hiding under the covers.

Jun 16

don’t read this

I forgot how quickly deliciously good days could end so badly.

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Jun 7

My roommates cats make me want to move out.  Seriously.  Teach YOUR damn cats not to piss on my stuff.  Get a second litter box, clean it more frequently … they’re not my fucking cats, but they’re ruining my fucking stuff. 

Jun 6

Rule number one.  When you go to kill somebody, make sure they’re dead before you leave.

Jun 1

I am a large hairless gerbil.  No haz reesponsabulties.

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